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FASA is a registering body  for pedigreed cats in SA established in 1973 and is focused on promoting excellence in the care, breeding and exhibition of cats.



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 Owning, breeding and exhibiting cats is a fun and rewarding hobby.  If you are interested in a pedigree cat or kitten please visit the breeders page.  If you would like to show your cat (including the lovable domestic) you can find out all about future shows on the upcoming events page.


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FASA Banking details:

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BSB: 035 046
Acct No: 437128
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FASA are pleased to advise that last week, the Dog and Cat Management (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill was approved by the House of Assembly (the Lower House of the SA Parliament).

Three amendments were made two of which relate to cats
1. The first amendment broadens the court’s powers to make orders (section 47). Previously, the major offences in the Act were set out in one part of the Act (sections 43 – 45D) and, if a matter went to court, the judge or magistrate had a range of powers, other than setting a monetary penalty. This could include placing a restriction on a person from having more than a certain number of animals or an order for destruction of an animal. The Bill creates a number of new offences and these are set out, throughout the Bill. There will occasionally be circumstances where a person breaches these new provisions and it would be appropriate for the judge to impose a penalty or restriction that is more than just a monetary fine.
Example: A person is selling dogs as pets that have not been micro chipped or de-sexed. The dogs have numerous health issues that are not disclosed to the purchaser. He does not provide the Breeder Registration Number or vaccination history. He has been prosecuted on previous occasions for a number of similar offences. In this case, the council officer may wish to ask the judge to impose a prohibition on the person from owning more than a given number of dogs, or prohibited from selling dogs, without obtaining a further order from the court. 
2. Definition of de-sexing (section 4). In the original Bill, presented by Government to State Parliament, the definition of de-sexing was “to castrate or, spay, so as to permanently render the animal incapable of reproducing”. This definition was aimed at (i) reducing unwanted litters and (ii) reducing the incidence of hormone-driven behaviour, such as inclination to wander and dog attacks. In the Legislative Council, the members belonging to the Green’s Party had moved an amended definition of de-sexing, which impacted upon fertility but not hormone-driven behaviour. In the House of Assembly, last week, the Government amended the Bill again, to reinstate the original definition.

A Bill does not become law until both the House and the Legislative Council agree to the same version of the Bill. As three amendments were moved in the House, the Bill now goes back to the Legislative Council this week, who will be asked to consider the three amendments.

We cant predict the outcome of the debate but it is good to know that progress is happening!

All of the main provisions such as mandatory de-sexing, mandatory micro chipping and breeder registration remain in the Bill.

Please be aware that once the whole Bill is passed, none of the provisions will take effect until a date set by the Government. FASA anticipate that a draft commencement date document will be sent out for each provision before a decision on the commencement date is made. That will give FASA an opportunity to further canvass your views.

We have had some preliminary discussion with the DCMB on regulations that are needed to come into effect with the new laws and we anticipate those discussion will be ongoing as the process moves forward.




"With their qualities of cleanliness, discretion, affection, patience, dignity, and courage, how many of us, I ask you,

would be capable of becoming cats?" - Fernand Mery Her Majesty the Cat



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